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Granule powder ingredients packaging machine production line packaging industry

Release time:2017-10-24  Browse:4349

Pellet powder ingredients production line _ packaging industry need to enhance long-term development planning. With the advent of economic globalization, foreign products have begun to enter the Chinese market on a large scale. The same is true in the packaging machinery industry. Why is our product so vulnerable to market competition? The reason is the lack of innovation. This is also a common problem in China's small and medium-sized packaging machinery enterprises, in other products simply can not see the shadow of independent innovation. To rely solely on foreign manufacturing technology is never progress, in order to obtain long-term development must take the road of independent innovation, which is in the packaging machinery industry and even all industries are the same forever truth.
Particle packaging machine for all businesses, to get good development are what they expect, so that a company's biggest task is the development of enterprises. In the face of this task, we are willing to package grain packaging machines in Anhui sea willing to take it, and hope that through their own efforts to help enterprises achieve better development, so as to complete their own as a packaging machine equipment mission.

China's food packaging machinery to stand-alone, low-tech and low degree of automation in the new technology, new technology, new materials less used, can not meet the current development of China's food business requirements. Some food companies have to spend a great deal of money to introduce some advanced food packaging production lines with advanced technology, high production efficiency and high packaging precision for technological transformation, resulting in a large part of the domestic market share occupied by foreign brands.

Comparing the main differences between domestic food packaging machinery and foreign brands, mainly in the following two aspects:

First, low production efficiency, high energy consumption, poor stability and reliability, product modeling backward, rough appearance, low life expectancy of basic parts and accessories, made of pneumatic parts and electrical components of poor quality. Therefore, Guangzhou Spark (Australia special) Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. on the basis of foreign advanced packaging machine technology, to transform and innovate products, Spark brand series of filling machine pneumatic parts are used in Germany FESTO and Taiwan AirTac pneumatic components.

Second, less control technology. Such as long-distance remote control technology, stepper motor technology, information processing technology. In today's world, Germany, Italy, the United States and Japan are at the leading position in packaging machinery. Among them, the technology of forming, filling and sealing in the United States is rapidly updated. For example, the Liquid Filling Machine from EJF, a facility that enables gravity, pressure and positive displacement mobile pump filling. In other words, any viscosity of the liquid, as long as the microcomputer control to change the filling method can be achieved.