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Food packaging machinery is expected to uniform standards

Release time:2017-10-24  Browse:4067

Food packaging machinery refers to the machinery that can finish the food packaging process of all or part of the products. The use of mechanical packaging products can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, meet the needs of mass production, and meet the requirements of sanitation and hygiene.

At present, China's packaging machinery level uneven, the domestic packaging machinery competition more intense, but most of the vicious competition. From the consumer's point of view, we also hope that the unification of the domestic packaging machinery industry standards.

Food packaging machinery packaging machinery account for a large proportion. In recent years, all the countries in the world of food machinery and related standards for international standards (or European standards), international standards and regional standards adopted as the main content of domestic technical standards, food machinery international technical standards to achieve consistency and coordination, In order to promote the international food machinery technology exchange and the smooth development of trade. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2011, about 100 countries adopted equivalent international standards and European standards. The convergence of international standards has become the mainstream of the development of food machinery in various countries in the world at present.

This is the mainstream of development in the developed countries, the revision of the international standards for food machinery with strong technical force, and the adoption of some domestic technologies as international standards in order to gain greater technical and economic benefits. The sluggish development of science and technology in the country requires that in the field of food machinery, With the internationalization of the road, with the adoption of equivalent or partial international standards, if not done, may be excluded from international.

The guiding ideology of "China's technical standard development strategy" and "115th" "standard" development plan "

Guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Important Thought of Three Represents and Guided by the Scientific Concept of Development.

To play the role of government, enhance the standardization awareness of the whole society and mobilize the enthusiasm for participation in standardization activities. Adhere to the principle of market orientation, provide technical support for market access and standardize the market order.

Adhere to the principle of independent innovation, independent innovation, improve the technical content of Chinese standards, improve the development of independent intellectual property standards, improve the content of China's standard technological innovation, and promote the effective combination of scientific research and standardization so that our independent innovation and production technology The rapid formation of standards in the standard of the overall level of improvement and improve the international competitiveness of our products and industries.

Adhere to the principle of internationalization, and actively adopt international standards to speed up the pace with international standards. We will work hard to increase the advantages of our country's technology in enhancing international standards and strive to achieve the goal of "changing the internationalization of national standards" from "international standards" so as to comprehensively improve China's overall competitiveness.