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Analysis of the future process of China's food packaging machinery industry

Release time:2017-03-22  Browse:5027
In recent years, the international packaging industry attaches great importance to improving the general ability and multi-functional integration ability of packaging machinery and the entire packaging system and provides timely and flexible production tools for the market to explore the ever-changing and diversified products. At the same time based on the rational simplification of packaging and packaging technology advantages of the actual needs, continue to explore, obviously speeding up their pace of technological innovation. Especially with the simultaneous development of modern automatic machine echoes, and gradually clear. To establish a diversified, universal, multi-functional integration of the new packaging machinery system, we must first focus on combinatorial and mechanical and electrical integration of major issues, no doubt this is an important direction for the future.
The gap between our country and the world power
1. Product variety and complete sets of small quantities
Most of the domestic production of single-based, mostly foreign and supporting production, rarely stand-alone sales. On the one hand, the varieties of domestic equipment can not meet the needs of domestic food and packaging companies. On the other hand, the profits of single machine production and sales of machinery factories are meager and the high efficiency of complete sets of equipment sales can not be obtained.
2. low level of technology
Mainly in the poor product reliability, technical updates slow, new technologies, new processes, new materials less. China's food and packaging machinery stand-alone and more, less complete, general-purpose models and more to meet the special requirements of special equipment less materials. Low-tech products, high-tech value-added, high productivity products; intelligent equipment is still in the development stage.
3. Poor product quality
The quality gap between China's food and packaging machinery products is mainly manifested in poor stability and reliability, poor modeling, rough appearance, short life of basic parts and ancillary components, short trouble-free operation time, short cycle of overhaul, and the vast majority of products have not been formulated Reliability standards.
4. lack of development capacity
China's food and packaging machinery is mainly imitation, mapping, a little localization to improve, not to mention research and development. We lag behind the development of means, and now a little better enterprises to carry out the "rejection plan version of the project," but the real use of CAD is still very small. Product development lack of innovation, difficult level. Lack of means of production, most of them still use the old common equipment processing. Not only a small number of new product development, and long development cycle. In business management, often re-production and processing, light research and development, innovation is not enough, can not keep up with market demand and provide timely products.
Future needs of food packaging machinery
With the acceleration of people's routine work, the enrichment of nutrition and health food products and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, many new requirements will inevitably come up for food and its packaging in the future. This includes developing new technologies and new products such as vacuum packaging, vacuum-inflating packaging and aseptic packaging according to the local conditions so that they can be combined with quick-frozen packaging. Focusing on the present and the future, we can confirm that the following three types of packaging machines are outstanding models suitable for food packaging sales, and can be called the leading model with a long history of development and strong vitality, namely vertical pouch ( Box) molding filling and sealing machine, horizontal bag (box) molding filling and sealing machine, horizontal seam wrapping machine.
In accordance with the group of technical thinking analysis, these three commonalities and similarities are more conducive to the unified development, in addition they have special differences, to be selected according to local conditions. After a comprehensive comparison, its main features are as follows:
Package object - Match all 3 models to almost anything (except for gas and liquid materials) except for the third limitation.
Packaging materials - are based on the roll-type composite film, and some occasions can be placed within the straw, the third can be placed care ribs and other accessories.
Packaging forms - the second pattern more, such as the three sides sealed bags, four sides sealed bags, double bags, self-reliance bags, brick boxes, roof boxes, etc .; first ranking second, the third less than normal Pillow-based bags, and some can be made of cylindrical bags, four sides sealed bags. Package size - the first bag width of up to 10 mm, the bag length can be adjusted within a limited range; the latter two kinds of bag width and bag length can be adjusted within a limited range, of which the third Bag length can reach more than half a meter.
Sealing type - the second new issued a lot of, such as the tear or tear line to set the upper flat seal, plus the combination of embedded box seal, placed in different parts of the screw cap seal, etc .; the other two Models appear monotonous.
Transport movement - both to achieve continuous motion, but also to achieve step-by-step motion. The combination of modules - the full realization of the modular knot, especially the second horizontal layout easier to configure functional modules (such as vacuum, nitrogen), coupled with a high degree of integration of mechatronics, versatility, versatility, multi-functional integration Sex greatly enhanced, formed a series of products.
Development Strategy of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry
1. Large-scale, group
Concentrating on the production capacity of enterprises continue to scale, the development of collectivization, in pursuit of economies of scale. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the current capital, technical strength is not strong enough situation, not blindly introduce the production line, can be converted to large-scale machinery enterprises to provide spare parts production model.
2. Open up new prospects for product exports
China's food and packaging machinery technology is moderate, cheap, very suitable for the economic conditions of developing countries and regions in the future to these countries and regions, export prospects, some of the equipment can also be exported to developed countries.
3. Improve the technical content of products
Without good technology as the backing of the development of enterprises, it is impossible to go long. To achieve mechanical and electrical integration, intelligence, product information to the development of the introduction of new technologies to speed up the progress of ISO9000 certification. Further enhance the technical level of equipment, stability, reliability. Brave the face of reality, and actively change this state, improve product development capabilities, develop their own ability to innovate, to catch up.
4. Strengthen new product development and innovation
China's food packaging machinery are mostly based on the import of equipment developed on the gap with foreign countries or blank products, should be actively introducing technology, digestion and absorption, from a gradual and thorough understanding of the full grasp. For those products that have a certain foundation but a certain gap with their foreign counterparts, we should adopt a learning and reference approach to strengthen the research on related key technologies and core technologies, and encourage the development and innovation.
5. Develop demand for food packaging machinery
With the expansion of domestic demand for packaged foods and the increase in export demand, food packaging machines peep into market opportunities from the tide of price hikes.
From many years of development experience concluded that the past, China's food machinery industry knowledge of a simple manufacturing process, not many of their own products, but for a repetitive manufacturing, in this state, want to move closer to the industry's high-end industry is not realistic. Therefore, the necessary changes must be made. In terms of products, enterprises should strive to exert their own advantages and create a home-made and technology-based product that will be refined, made bigger, stronger, thinner and relying on This spirit can develop enterprises, which gradually based on the industry's high-end areas.